Crypto Market Update – September 2023

October 12, 2023

In the ever-evolving landscape of the crypto world, the month of September has brought forth a series of intriguing headlines that shed light on the industry’s latest developments:

Stay tuned as we delve deeper into these stories and more in this month’s newsletter, illuminating the path forward in the world of blockchain and digital assets.


AETH and BTOP, Two First-of-Their-Kind Ethereum Futures ETFs From Bitwise, Launch Today

“Bitwise Asset Management, the largest crypto index fund manager in America, announced today the launch of two groundbreaking Ethereum-themed ETFs: the Bitwise Ethereum Strategy ETF (ticker: AETH) and the Bitwise Bitcoin and Ether Equal Weight Strategy ETF (ticker: BTOP).”


Grayscale Victory Against SEC Clears Path for Spot Bitcoin ETFs: Bernstein

“The ruling “likely clears the path for a spot bitcoin ETF,” and increases the chances that the SEC might approve all the current applications together, analysts led by Gautam Chhugani wrote.”


XRP: Ripple Wins Landmark Case Against SEC, XRP Ruled Not a Security

“Ripple’s battle with the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) has finally come to an end, with a judge ruling in the cryptocurrency’s favor. The group’s XRP token has been declared not a security by the US district court when sold through an exchange.”


Ether futures ETFs fail to impress: K33 advises rotating back to bitcoin

“We believe it’s time to pull the breaks on ETH and rotate back into BTC,” K33 Research Senior Analyst Vetle Lunde and Vice President Anders Helseth noted in their latest report. “We no longer see a strong bull case for ETH/BTC in the short term.”


Here’s where Wall Street strategists see the stock market headed next after a brutal September

“October can seem as difficult as September, but historically it transitions into a more hospitable market environment,” LPL chief global strategist Quincy Krosby told Insider.


The White House’s top crypto critic departed. What does that mean for a stablecoin bill?

“The rising profile of McHenry and Emmer is likely bullish for crypto bills, as both work to persuade Democrats on their committee—and their counterparts over in the Senate—to horse-trade over stablecoin and market structure legislation.”


Cryptocom Launches XRP Trading Against Paypal USD

“Following its partnership with PayPal and Paxos, leading exchange has introduced a new PYUSD trading pair for XRP.”


Sam Bankman-Fried Blames Everyone but Himself for FTX’s Collapse

“Most regrettably, Bankman-Fried has seemingly constructed a narrative that his ex-girlfriend and ex-employee Caroline Ellison is really at fault. At one point, he literally writes that Ellison oversaw one bad trade that led to bankruptcies at FTX and Alameda.”


What Correlations Tell Us About the Value of Multi-Asset Crypto Portfolios

“Both within crypto and in the context of an investor’s broader asset allocation, increasing the breadth of digital asset holdings may lead to better diversification characteristics while also avoiding the risks of single-token concentration.”


Bitcoin Records Best September Gains Since 2016: Kaiko

“Of the 12-year data presented, only September of 2016 outpaced the past month as BTC jumped by 5.7% at the time.”


BTC/USD: Bitcoin Jumps 4% to Outshine Flatlining Stocks, Crosses $27,000

“Bitcoin BTCUSD added more than 4% Thursday to cross the $27,000 mark while stocks were mostly hugging the flatline. The price of the biggest crypto hit a session high of $27,300, up from a daily low of $26,200 per coin.”


Binance CEO CZ Turned Down $40 Million Deal with SBF for Futures Exchange

“Binance CEO Changpeng “CZ” Zhao turned down a $40 million offer from former FTX CEO Sam Bankman-Fried in March 2019 to create a cryptocurrency futures exchange.”


Polygon Co-Founder Jaynti Kanani Steps Down After Six Years

“Jaynti Kanani, the co-founder of Ethereum layer 2 solution Polygon, has revealed that he is taking a step back “from the day-to-day grind” in the project after dedicating six years to its development and growth.”


Tellor Coin Hikes 37% In a Day as Bitcoin BSC Hits $5.75m Milestone

“Tellor (TRB) has exploded +37% amid bullish movements in recent weeks, as the emerging Oracle project makes major gains versus vertical leaders such as Chainlink.”


Marathon Digital Boosts Production Capacity By 20%, Mines 1,242 BTC in September

“In its September Production Update, the miner produced 1,242 Bitcoin (BTC) marking a 16% growth from August and a 245% increase in the last 12 months.”


Q3 2023 crowned most ‘damaging’ quarter for crypto amid $700M losses: Report

“Private keys getting compromised took over $204 million across 14 security incidents in the third quarter of 2023.”


September 2023 Marks Record-High Crypto Exploits with $329 Million Stolen: Report

“On September 30, CertiK confirmed that a total of approximately $332 million had been lost to various exploits, hacks, and scams throughout September.”


Opensea Ethereum and Polygon NFT sales hit 2023 lows

“With a steady decline in sales since the end of Q1, the monthly sales volume of Ethereum and Polygon-minted NFTs on OpenSea fell to their lowest in September.”


Why Is The Crypto Market Down In October 2023?

“The price of cryptocurrencies has been through a rollercoaster ride in the first half of the year. Will the other half be a slow growth or will the cryptocurrencies reach new heights and recover completely from the loss faced in last year?”


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