Crypto Market Update – August 2022

September 2, 2022

Altfund Liquid Strategy performance is down for August 2022 but less than BTC. The crypto market experienced the same downward impacts of the broader equity markets with Fed Chair Jerome Powell’s Jackson Hole speech. Basically, the Fed is continuing to say they will not stop raising rates until there are clear signs of inflation reduction. The biggest concern is the Fed over-tightening and sending the economy into a deep recession.

Hopefully this will not happen and Powell can construct a soft landing but “hope” is not a strategy. Therefore, Altfund Management has taken steps to better cushion downside pressure by adding a market neutral fund in Oct that has been averaging about 6% monthly through these treacherous markets. We identified the need to bring in some more controlled Beta in Aug and conducted our due diligence and preparation in Sept.

The long term thesis for blockchain and cryptocurrencies continues to get stronger, below are just a few headlines to read about:

Mastercard to offer Crypto Payments

Legendary Value Investor Bill Miller Says Buy Bitcoin

America’s Oldest Bank, BNY Mellon, Will Hold Crypto Now

Google Selects Coinbase to take Cloud Payments with Crypto

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