About Altfund

Our mission is to find and invest in the top performing digital asset hedge funds across the globe. We are dedicated to providing investors with the opportunity to gain exposure to the dynamic crypto asset markets through a holistic investment approach.

Areas of Focus

We strive to expand opportunities and access to financial empowerment through knowledge and efficient capital management.

Digital Assets

At Altfund Management we believe that blockchain technology is the most important evolution in the digital landscape since the invention of the internet. Therefore our entire focus is dedicated to this technology and the world of investing opportunities it is creating.

A Dynamic Investment Strategy

We’re providing a fund-of-funds investment approach. We believe in this dynamic crypto environment that the best strategy to gain exposure to this market is through dedicated crypto hedge fund managers with corresponding trading strategies. As a fund-of-funds we’re focused on generating returns for our investors through an active management process by partnering with top performing digital asset hedge fund companies and managers.