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At Altfund Management, we’re focused on investing in leading hedge funds within the blockchain space.

The Altfund Authority


The Fund further diversifies by investing in funds of varying sizes, spanning established players and emerging managers. This mitigates risk and captures potential from different market segments. 


The Fund seeks to deliver a sophisticated approach to investment through comprehensive diversification and exposure to the broader market. Our top-performing managers have vast market knowledge and experience.


The Fund selects top-performing managers with expertise in various crypto sectors and investment styles. This ensures broad exposure across the digital asset landscape. 


The Fund’s simplification of custodianship and diversification across the digital landscape brings security. Altfund’s qualified experts can be trusted to keep your investments protected.

Fund of Funds Strategy

At Altfund we’re providing a fund-of-funds investment approach. We believe in this dynamic crypto environment that the best strategy to gain exposure to this market is through dedicated crypto hedge fund managers with corresponding trading strategies. As a fund-of-funds we’re focused on generating returns for our investors through an active management process by partnering with top performing digital asset hedge fund companies and managers.


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